New song: Never Stop Raising The Bar

New song: Never Stop Raising The Bar

I’ve just uploaded a new song to my SoundCloud called Never Stop Raising The Bar. It’s featuring some vocals found online (attribution below), and it was made late this summer. I’ve decided to take a break from trying to make full length stuff (albums, EPs etc), and just do some regular producing and posting of songs online. So, starting with this new song, my SoundCloud will hopefully be a lot more active!

The song can be found and downloaded on my SoundCloud:



Attribution and “how the song was made”

The vocals in this song was taken from, a website for sharing vocals and stems of songs for remix purposes. The vocals for this song was from the user snowflake (who’s voice I really really enjoy), and I just want to extend a thanks to both for an awesome idea and resource, as well as to the user snowflake for her great voice and putting her acapellas online for people to use. I’ll surely make more tracks featuring vocals from! :)

I’m also planning to make a video about how the song was created and the various of components of it and put on, so stay tuned for that if you’re into producing using FLOSS software.

Thank you for listening!

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