LOST TIME EP: Release of my new 5-track EP!

LOST TIME EP: Release of my new 5-track EP!

I am very pleased to announce the release of my third solo project, a 5-track EP called “Lost Time”. The EP has been in the works for quite a while, but since I haven’t had a proper studio setup for the last months, I’ve been trailing a lot in finishing this. I decided to make a real push and finish the EP before the Linux Audio Conference (which I’m attending in just a few days).

The project feels like a natural progression for me personally, and 3 of the 5 tracks features vocal contributions from various awesome people. A huge thanks and a big shoutout to the people who made vocal contributions to this project: Megan Jones, Glen MacArthur, Ms Dumbuya and John Phoelix. You’ll find links and ways to reach them in the credits-section a bit down on this page.

The album is licensed by the Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA, which means you’re free to do almost whatever you want with the music, with very few restrictions. Read more about the license here.


Listen to and download the Lost Time EP

You’ll find the EP at a number of places:




Go to Soundcloud

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You’ll find the cover of the EP in full HD (1080p) below. The cover was made with help from Brian Beck of designbybeck, and was as usually made entirely using free and open source software.




The making of..

As usually, this album was made entirely using Ardour 3, and with as many free and open source tools as possible. A few commercial plugins snuck in there (LinuxDSP and Loomer Aspect primarily), but other than that most things are done from free and open source tools, plugins and samples.

I will write a more exhaustive post of how I’ve done technically in a few weeks.

Credits and thank you’s

First of all, a huge thanks to all my guests on this EP. Megan Jones, Glen MacArthur, Ms Dumbuya and John Phoelix. It has been incredibly fun making music with the vocal dimension added in a meaningful way, and I look forward to doing this again in the future!

A big thanks also goes out to Brian Beck of designbybeck again, who helped me out with the 3D for the cover. Thanks a ton!

Another thanks goes to John Phoelix and bfg (Tobias Lundberg) of Raptimus Prime, who as usually helped me lots in listening and feedbacking on the material.

Finally, a big thanks to anyone listening! I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts about the EP in the comment section below! :) Cheers!

2 Responses to “LOST TIME EP: Release of my new 5-track EP!”

  1. Johannes


    Hi zth, I’m very impressed. This is – by far – the best sounding production I heard since I dived into the Linux-Audio-World. Especially is very inspiring – I think the way you shreded the Voice-Samples is very tasteful. I’m looking forward to your more detailed report… Maybe you could do a Friday-Interview as interviewer and interviewepartner in personal union, ’cause it’d be very interesting to get to know your musical background….

    • zth


      Johannes, thank you so much! :D I just got back from the Linux Audio Conference, but doing a more technical description and overview of the tracks on the EP is very much on my todo list as soon as I get some spare time. And who knows, maybe I’ll even try and interview myself sometime ;) Thanks again for your comment, I promise the technical overview will come fairly soon! :)


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