Linux Audio Conference 2014 recap

Linux Audio Conference 2014 recap

A little over a week ago I arrived at the Linux Audio Conference for the first time in my (albeit fairly short) life as a Linux musician. I got to meet tons of great and really nice people, and I got to learn lots about both free and open software, as well as about making music in general.

Personally, the by far most awesome thing about the conference was meeting everyone. Both people I’ve had contact with over the internet for years and years, and completely new faces I’ve never talked to at all before. It was just great. Add to that the possibility of actually speaking to the people who are creating the software you’re using to make music, and you pretty much have nerd heaven. It was really great, and I can recommend anyone who’s interested in the community to go if they get an opportunity.


Scandinavia represent! Me and the DrumGizmo guys: Bent, Jonas and Lars. Also known as “The Three Norsemen of the Apocalypse”. Photo by Rui Nuno Capela.


Workshops, lectures and more

The conference itself had lots of workshops, lectures and more fun stuff. My personal highlights were the workshops by DrumGizmo and Harry Haaren (OpenAV). Those workshops were really hands on, and I learned lots about software I either use today or aspire to use in the near future. Rui also had a really fun and inspiring workshop, which promised a lot of fixes and features for his Q-applications “soonish” ;)

I think most of the workshops and the lectures will be available as videos soon. I’ll put a link in here as soon as they are. It’ll be really fun to re-watch them!

Ambisonics workshop

Other than being an enthusiastic visitor, I also participated in the conference by doing a workshop together with Jörn Nettingsmeier. The workshop was about mixing in ambisonics, and Jörn basically took a song (Fool Me, featuring Glen MacArthur, from my latest EP) and mixed it in ambisonics. The workshop was really cool and I learned a ton from Jörn. Jörn has a way of describing really advanced stuff in a way that’s very understandable and comprehensible.

I think the workshop was recorded, so I’ll put the recording of the workshop on here when/if I find it. I’ll also see if I can get an ambisonics export of the work Jörn did and put here as well, for the odd chance that someone reading this might have access to an ambisonics setup ;)

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Jörn for doing the workshop, as well as everyone who attended. Thanks!


Jörn and me during the workshop. We’re happier than we look! ;) Photo by Rui Nuno Capela.


Concerts and the Linux Sound Night

At the Linux Sound Night, I got to see both AutoStatic/Jeremy and Superdirt² perform – two acts I’ve been wanting to see live ever since I heard about them. Both delivered and were really really great, and I can’t wait to see them again. I know there are a few videos of them performing floating around, and I’ll add those videos to this post as soon as they go public.

There were also a lot of other acts who did well and sounded nice. Props to everyone who performed!


A really cool and slightly weird performance during LAC 2014. Picture by Rui Nuno Capela.


The future

So, what does music life post-LAC hold for me? Well, I have a few things planned and in the works.

A few trailing LAC14 interviews

I did a number of interviews leading up to the conference itself. Now, because I decided to do that fairly close to the actual conference, not all interviewees had time to answer the questions in time for the interview. So, I’ll try and publish the few trailing interviews fairly soon.

More Friday Interviews

First of all, I want to extend a thank you to everyone who came up to me and expressed gratitude towards the Friday Interview series – I really appreciate your encouragement! It was really fun to see and hear that so many people had actually read them all and gotten inspired themselves, and the great feedback was more than I could ever ask for.

As I told most of you, the Friday Interviews will be back, but in a slightly different format, and not until in a couple of months. I have another project vaguely related to it brewing, and I’m looking forward to announcing that project as soon as it’s a bit more mature. Until then, please bear with me ;)


Glen MacArthur (AVLinux), me, Harry Haaren (OpenAV) and Bent (DrumGizmo) enjoying ourselves. Photo by Rui Nuno Capela.


The Making of the “Lost Time” EP

I’m planning a series of blog posts on the process behind creating my latest EP “Lost Time”. In this series, I’ll go through the songs one by one, trying to depict both the creative process, as well as the technical process behind creating the EP. It’ll cover everything from working with collaborators and composing the tracks, to the technicalities of composing, mixing and more.

Keep an eye out on the blog for that if you’re interested, I intend to publish the first post early next week!


Glen MacArthur (AVLinux) and me enjoying “eine Kaffe bitte”. Photo by Rui Nuno Capela.


As a final note, I’d like to once again say thanks to everyone I met and everyone who attended the conference. It was all a blast and I look forward to meeting you all again, both in and outside of the LAC!


4 Responses to “Linux Audio Conference 2014 recap”

  1. DoosC


    It seems it was quite an experience ! And a perfect way to tighten the link with fellow linux musicians.
    Thanks for this summary it feels like having been a little bit there :)

    • zth


      Thank you for reading! I hope to meet you there in person one day! ;)

  2. SIFAE


    Looks like a fun time! Is this happening in America anywhere? I would somehow like to get in on this. I’ve been using Ubuntu Studio for a little bit and it’s AWESOME!

    • zth


      It was really awesome! I think it has been in the US once (Stanford), but I think in general the people who arrange the conference are mostly based in Europe, which is why it usually ends up there. More or less anyone with the knowledge/resources are allowed to arrange it if I understand it correctly, so if people in the US step up and arrange it I guess it’ll happen over there again!

      I can recommend vacationing in Europe though ;) Glen MacArthur from AVLinux came all the way from Canada this year for example.


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