LAC14 Interview Series #2: Robin Gareus

LAC14 Interview Series #2: Robin Gareus

The LAC14 interview series is a series of short interviews with people who are and have been involved with the LAC throughout the years. Find all posts in the series on this link.

Hi Robin! Could you give a brief introduction to who you are, where you’re from and what projects you are involved with in Linux audio?

I’m a researcher, solving problems for artists in general.

I grew up in a village in the Odenwald, a rural area Southern Germany and currently live in France.

My involvement in Linux Audio is manifold. I strive to make GNU/Linux even more usable for artistic use and professional production and hence am involved with many projects. At the time of writing mostly Ardour3 and organizing the Linux Audio Conference.

When was the first time you attended LAC, and what was that like?

2006, the last one at ZKM before it started traveling. It was an awesome experience mainly due to the fact that it retained scientific rigor which is rarely found on similar hacker events, but with outgoing and open-minded participants not usually found at scientific conferences. Intermingled with Avant-garde concerts it got me hooked :)


What’s your favourite thing about LAC, and do you have any favourite memories of past LAC:s?

It’s a great opportunity to meet everyone in person and deepen the relationship with various members of the community. Most of my favorite memories revolve around the hallway-track.


What’s your advice to a first-year attendant like me? Anything I really should keep an eye out for?

Brace yourself for a 3+ days non-stop adventure. Come well rested and prepare for a day off afterward. :)


Anything else you’d like to add to this short interview?

Just kudos for your engagement in this and the Friday interview series. It’s fun to get to know fellow LADs from a different angle.

Thanks for reading! Find all interviews on this link.

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